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Tragedy of Sam (1925)
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the death of natural language
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king kong remade by kids in the 70s
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untitled (james franco, 2009)
Tags: film kurzfilm
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death (kenneth anger, 2009)
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dream #7 (david lynch, 2009)
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dream piece (abel ferrara, 2009)
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skhizein (jérémy clapin, 2008)
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the listening dead (phil mucci, 2006)
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david lynch: lady blue shanghai (2010)
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weihnacht (roland klick, 1963)
Tags: film 60s kurzfilm
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the night mayor (guy maddin, 2010)
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hamles (jerzy skolimowski, 1959/60)
Tags: film 50s kurzfilm
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plastic bag (by ramin bahrani, feat. werner herzog as voice)
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mission zero (kathryn bigelow, 2007)
Tags: film kurzfilm
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the descendants (heiko van der scherm)
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terminus (trevor cawood, 2008)
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gus van sant: mansion on the hill (part of the notimeleft campaign)
Tags: film kurzfilm
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zoetrope (charlie deaux) 1/2
Tags: film kurzfilm
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