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» Experience & Innocence

As a director, writer, artist and, more recently, curator, John Waters has been dealing in taste and transgression for close to 50 years. Here he talks about sex, death, God and the art world
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» A Psychotronic Childhood

Learning from B-Movies. by Colson Whitehead.
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» "Das Grauen... das Grauen!"

Nichts wie weg mit dem deutschen Qualitätskino! Ein Plädoyer für Trivialitäten, Schocks und brüllendes Gelächter.Von Dominik Graf.
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» Same same, but different.

Gegenwart ohne Ende. Retro und die Abschaffung der Vergangenheit. Von Roger Behrens.
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The Lively Morgue

great vintage photography from the vaults of the new york times. quite worth the click!
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Curious about his hero’s transition from originator to adapter, Los Angeles Review of Books Film Editor Jonathan Penner recently sat down with David Cronenberg to discuss the artist’s life and work.
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David Lynch x Dom Perignon.

 A Video.
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a tumblr dedicated to blade runner
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Marquees in Movies

Tags: film blogs
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» Bildgewordene Finsternis

Der Regisseur David Lynch sprengt auch als Maler alle Stilgrenzen. Eine Ausstellung in Goslar zeigt sein Werk als eine Mischung aus Realismus und Albtraum, Schrecken und Alltäglichkeit.
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Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

you probably might want to read (or even better: enjoy) this.
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From the House to the Tomb

exploring the corman/poe films, by gary morris
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This is Halloween!

a group soup about all things halloween
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